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  • Blind Faith Pipeline.

Engineering Services, L.P. successfully provided engineering and inspection support for the Chevron Blind Faith Project (CVXBF). CVXBF is a GOM deep water project (7,000 feet). It is located 160 SE of New Orleans, in Mississippi Canyon Block 695 and 696. It has an estimated peak production of 65,000 BBL/day.

This has been a five year project (2004-2009) involving dozens of personnel from Engineering Services, L.P., that provided support in material engineering, quality control and a variety of inspection services, including, welding, coating, & NDE.

Our primary involvement was on subsea equipment. This included manifolds, pipeline sleds, umbilical, pipelines (reeled), chokes, trees, and suction pile. Secondary support in the form of materials & quality control/ assurance was provided on the entire project, as required. This would include such items as the topsides, floater, mooring chain parts, control systems, intervention spool and tensioner system.

We were responsible and accountable to insure that the engineering / manufacturer that provided the equipment for CVBF, delivered a product that met the design bases that we specified.

Chevron’s Blind Faith Offshore Oil Platform
Gulf of Mexico

A five year project which we provided support in material engineering, quality control, inspection services, including welding, coating, and NDE.

Our primary involvement was on subsea equipment listed below.

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