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Anodes Specifications

Supply of Pipeline Sacrificial Anodes

Requirements for Procurement of Pipeline Anodes
Sacrificial Bracelet Anode Materials
Standoff Anodes
Standoff Anodes for Flowline Bundle Sleds


Buoyancy Specifications

Syntactic Foam Buoyancy Units
Cathodic Protection Specifications-NOT AVAILABLE
Cathodic Protection
Cathodic Protection of Buried Pipelines
Cathodic Protection of Storage Tank Bottoms
Impressed Current Cathodic Protection System


Coating Specifications

3-Layer Polypropylene Based Coating for Line Pipe
Corrosion Prevention Coating Neoprene
3-Coat Polypropylene External Coating for Offshore Pipelines
Concrete Weight Coating
Corrosion Prevention Coating Coal Tar Enamel
External Protective Coating-NOT AVAILABLE
External Protective Coating 2-NOT AVAILABLE
Field Joint Coatings for Bundle Pipes
Field Joint Coatings for Casing Pipes
Field Joint Installation
Fusion Bond Epoxy Coating
Fusion-Bonded Epoxy for External Pipeline Coating
Fusion-Bonded Epoxy for External Pipeline Coating 2
Internal Coating
 Material and Application of Abrasive-Resistant Coating on Steel Line Pipe
Material and Application of Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coating on Line Pipe
Neoprene Coating on the Riser Casing
Pipe Coating Repairs Offshore
Pipe Corrosion Coating Neoprene
Pipeline Field Joint Materials
Protective Coating and Wrapping for Underground Carbon Steel Pipe – Shop or Field- Not Availlable
Three Layer Polypropylene Pipeline Coating


Fabrication Specifications

Fabrication of Pipeline End Manifold
Fabrication and Loadout of Offshore Structures


Flange, Fittings, Tees and Y Specifications

Pipe Fittings
Pipe Flanges


Insulation Specifications

Acoustical Insulation for Piping and Equipment
Closed Cell Phenolic Foam
 Cold Equipment Insulation
 Cold Insulation
 Cold Insulation Material
 Hot Duct Insulation-1
Hot Duct Insulation-2
 Hot Duct Insulation-3
 Hot Equipment Insulation – Cover Guide
 Hot Equipment Insulation – Thickness Tables
 Hot Equipment Insulation – Personnel Protection
 Hot Insulation
 Hot Insulation Material
 Hot Piping and Equipment Insulation


Pipe Bends Specifications

Pipe Bends Flowline Bundle
Pipe Bends


Piping Specifications

Handling, Transporting and Storing of Line Pipe and Related Equipment
Heating Pipe
Pipeline Design Premise
Seamless Line Pipe
Steel Line Pipe for Bundle Casing and Riser Casing