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Consumer Products Engineering Experts

Engineering Experts at Engineering Services, L.P. has not overlooked the consumer in favor of larger industrial products and clients. We also provide the same level of forensic professional engineering expertise at the consumer level. Failed products, no matter the value, remain failed products, and many have had catastrophic consequences. Engineering Experts investigate product related accidents performing root cause failure analysis, & make determinations as to the nature of the product failure. These consumer product failures are not limited to metal products and hand tools, many other material types and products are also open to review assessments.

Our experts with Engineering Services, L.P. have provided litigation support on a variety of household products, such as: Toys, Microwave Ovens, Lawn Mowers, Washing Machines, Glass Bottles, Ratchet Wrenches, Chairs, Stools, Ladders, Walkers, Hammers, Cutlery, Pressure Cookers, Toaster Ovens, Electrical Components, Gas & Electrical Water Heaters, and tankless hot water heaters.