Lincoln Memorial.Industrial Accident Investigation

Associates with Engineering Services, L.P., have extensive experience in investigating many types of industrial accidents, some very notable. We have investigated many incidents, including:

  • Major industrial accidents at refineries: Philips Refinery – Houston, Texas (1990), Shell Norco – Norco, Louisiana (1989), Chevron – Richmond, California (2012), Exxon Mobil – Torrance Ca. (2015)
  • Numerous incidents involving oil and gas throughout the United States, such as well pads, process & storage facilities and Central Process Facilities (CPF).
  • Associates have also participated in many structural failures.

Engineering Experts with Engineering Services, L.P. have conducted root cause industrial accident investigations at facilities throughout the world. Our investigations included structural failures involving, transportation, marine & port construction, and consumer equipment. Other industrial accidents involving equipment failures, human errors, unforeseen chemical reactions or other hazards are often performed by our team of experts.

Further, our experience also includes investigating major industrial accidents that are the result of components not meeting its intended design life, often result from poor design or material imperfections, problems in manufacturing / assembly, component misuse, or corrosion.

Additionally, Engineering Experts with Engineering Services, L.P. provide marine industry clients with advanced technical services related to marine construction materials and marine equipment installations, testing and failure analysis for both commercial and recreational vessels as well as port facilities.

Our experts are trained to use the most sophisticated accident reconstruction tools. With this expertise, we can meet your accident reconstruction service needs. We perform failure analysis by combining design and material experience with state-of-the-art finite element analysis (computer modelling) to determine the precise root cause of a failures, fire/explosions, industrial accidents.

With decades of experience in preparing effective courtroom exhibits, the Engineering Experts at Engineering Services, L.P. are fully prepared to work with our clients to develop exhibits and animations that clearly demonstrate opinions and theories. (i.e. MACONDO SIMULATION of the event prior to the oil spill in the GOM).