Metallurgical Engineering Lab.

Metallurgical Engineering Expert

Engineering Services, L.P., works with Houston Metallurgical Laboratory (HML) facilities for complete metallurgical testing and have for many years. Through this laboratory we can readily offer comprehensive testing to perform a metallurgical failure.

Frequently we utilize one of the most advanced Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) in Houston namely, the SU3500 Scanning Electron Microscope (available at HML) which features innovative electron optics and signal detection systems affording unparalleled imaging and analytical performance. Designed with intuitive logic, the new user-friendly GUI provides comprehensive image observation and display functions. Engineered for a wide range of applications, including biological specimens and advanced materials, the SU3500 is sure to be the workhorse microscope in any laboratory.

Unparalleled Image Quality—All new electron optics design with best-in-class image sharpness

Intuitive Operation—Wide-screen GUI and fast auto image optimization functions (7 seconds) via “delegation” technology

hitatchi metallurgical analysisUltra Variable-Pressure Detector—Image surface information at low vacuum and low accelerating voltages

Stereoscopic Image Function—Point and click for seamless, real-time “3D” image observation

Fast Auto Imaging—“Best-in-class” Auto Start Functions (Focus, Brightness, Contrast, and Stigmation) for unmatched ease of operation and efficiency.

Low kV and Low Vacuum Performance—Hitachi “Hex-Bias” probe current optimization combined with the all new Ultra Variable-Pressure (UVD) detector offer superior imaging and surface information at low accelerating voltages and low vacuum.” HML has a new Hitachi Su3500 with a new UVD (Ultra Variable Detector) along with new IXRF EDS and new IXRF XRF unit as well –It allows a sample size of 8″diameter by 3″ tall.