offshore subsea engineering experts.

Offshore Engineering Experts

The mechanical, metallurgical, welding and electrical engineers at Engineering Services, L.P. are all seasoned veterans of the offshore workplace. Our metallurgist & welding experts have been engaged to design & supervise numerous offshore subsea construction projects, as well as topsides fabrication and commissioning. To make the offshore topsides fully functional, mandates extensive engineering design expertise for the skid build production equipment, crew quarters, drilling and well management equipment. Only years of hands on experience gained in the field can fulfill this requirement.

Engineering Services, L.P.’s engineers have 38 years of field learning knowledge. Inclusive of extensive subsea field development PLETS & PLEMS, pipelines, umbilical, innovative platform mooring systems with suction piles, and various other ROV interfaced valves and connectors. They also have the knowledge to analyze those equipment and systems failures, as they have the requisite field time to have seen first-hand how they fail.

In 2010, the U.S. Chemical Safety Board (CSB) awarded contract to Engineering Services, L.P., to investigate the systems and equipment failures of the Gulf’s most infamous drilling platform disaster, the Transocean Deepwater Horizon / BP Macondo incident.