Onshore Engineering Experts.

Onshore Engineering Experts

When a recent West Coast Refinery incident became a prominent congressional talking point, the CSB turned to Engineering Services, L.P. to support their investigation team with the necessary specialized engineering concepts peculiar to the nature of the equipment involved in the catastrophic event.

Onshore and Offshore Engineering are similar at best and only differs through variances in laws/codes requirements, corrosion allowances, & the amount of real estate allocated to the project. Hence, there are few engineering crossover hurdles to overcome, however, years of field experience provide the necessary transition.

Engineering Services, L.P. have the experienced petroleum, mechanical, metallurgy, welding, electrical, and systems safety compliance engineers to design and fabricate through to commissioning of the project capital equipment or facility. Those same personnel are also astute at forensic engineering, having performed numerous Root Cause Failure Analysis of prematurely failed equipment.