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Process Safety Management & Risk Management Engineering Experts

The basis for OSHA’s Process Safety Management (PSM) regulation originated in 1990 with the American Petroleum Institute’s Recommended Practice 750 and the Clean Air Act Amendments. PSM, targets preventing the occurrence of, or minimizing the consequences from, catastrophic releases of a pre-defined list of toxic, flammable, or explosive chemicals for specified industries. The application of process safety engineering reaches beyond the regulatory specified industries.

The formation of a program designed to manage risk through controlling hazards can reap high returns within any industry or workplace. Process safety engineering experts with Engineering Services, L.P. have been directly involved with the development, implementation and auditing of process safety programs since its beginning. Our experienced engineers have numerous years of practical experience in process safety for a variety of industries including:

  • Refineries
  • Petrochemical Operations
  • Chemical Facilities
  • Food Processing
  • Pharmaceutical and Various Specialty Products Manufacturing