Video Production.

Video Production & Photography Services

“Well-directed video shoots and experienced post-production editing decisions add polish and emotional impact. A picture really is worth a thousand words, and a well-planned, well-produced settlement video can prove invaluable in obtaining the results you desire.”

Engineering Services, L.P. and Zura Productions associates bring more than 25 years of network-quality, full-range video production experience to your video needs, with extensive experience in preparing videos for all of your legal needs. Utilizing high-definition cameras, and state-of-the-art lighting and sound equipment – together with extensive knowledge and experience in script-writing, media training, and post production – we are poised to partner with you to produce a compelling video to support your legal needs.

We can create the necessary elements (parts) of your video where ever necessary including your office, in studio, or in a field location. There are no limitations to what can be produced, including:

  • personal impact statements
  • anticipated expert testimony
  • product failure demonstrations
  • accident reconstructions
  • site surveys
  • visual support for presentations of complex or esoteric evidence

When interaction with your clients becomes part of the production process, our mature, seasoned staff assures that your clients are treated with respect, dignity, and sensitivity. Our state-of-the art Quadcopter / Drone capabilities provide viewpoints and maneuverability never before possible.

We also offer high resolution digital still photography when the scope of work lends itself to this need.

Jim Zura has been vetted by the secret service for presidential assignments, credentialed with TWIC Card, Global Entry, TSA Pre-check, NIMS Trained; four time international Telly Award winner.

Please don’t hesitate to contact either Jim or Gordon for your specific needs. We welcome an opportunity to discuss your requirements without obligation.

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